Coming 5th Jan 2019

Ninesprings by Night 2, 5 and 10k

Night Race

5 and 10k

1 or 2 laps – Multi Terrain

Ninesprings by Night happens in the surroundings of Ninesprings which is a part of Yeovil Country Park on the edge of Yeovil in South Somerset.  The country park forms an excellent backdrop for running in with its woods, lakes, streams, springs and Victorian gardens and café, which serves as our race HQ.

The area is named for the nine natural springs which flow from the valley.  This was made into an ornamental garden for the Aldon estate in the 19th century.  There are numerous paths to explore in the area and save from one that we all love to run. There is a bit of a risk of falling in a pond during the race including an exhilarating downhill section!

The details

5th Jan 2019

Race HQ is the Ninesprings cafe BA20 1QZ

The race is on a 5k course with two laps for the 10k.  We’ve gone for this option so we can mark the course with plenty of signage and course markings.  There will also be an aid station at the end of the 5k, halfway and at the end of the 10k.  The course will be well marked with plenty of signs with reflective elements, reflective course markings and lights to guide you around.

The course takes you past the start/finish twice per lap and is excellent for spectators wanting to cheer the runners on.  DO think about wearing something distinctive so your friends and families can pick you out.  There will be a prize for the best dressed runner.

Terrain varies from the tarmac along the cycle path – also known as the Yellow brick road – to gravel paths, mud paths and in a few places stone steps.

You will need to wear a head torch to race and carry spare batteries or a backup torch, a limited number of which will be available to hire or buy on the night.  We recommend emailing to book.

All finishers will receive a finishers medal for the 5 or 10k.

Water and sweets at aid station during 10k race (approx halfway).  Water, sweets, and fruit available at the end.

Start Times, 5k = 17:45 and 10k = 18:50 approximately

Time Limit 1h 45 for the 10k. If taking longer than 1h 5 for the 5k you may be asked to pause while the 10k starts.

Race Limit 350 (150 5k and 200 10k)

Age Limits, 12 and over for the 5k, 15 and over for the 10k


5k is £17 affiliated or £19 unaffiliated

10k £19 affiliated or £21 unaffiliated

See the proposed course here on strava

Insurance and Race License from ARC, race permit number tbc

Please read the race terms and conditions before entering

Canicross not permitted at this race but is at some other races

For the 5k please enter here


For the 10k please enter here

Please note as the different distances each have their own seperate entry limit and starting over an hour apart we are using different entry pages for each distance for this race.

Prizes and


Best dressed runner

1st, 2nd and 3rd Men and Ladies and then 1st in age cats for men and women, 40+, 50+ and 60+

Team prizes for the speediest beans on the course, teams are of fastest four and must include at least one women.

Race Parking

Several public car parks and the private car park serving the Nuffield Gym are within easy walking distance of the Race HQ.

Please note these car parks are only free after 6pm so if arriving before parking fees will apply.

Locals may know there is another car park near the playground but we’re asking runners to avoid parking here as I’m asking marshals to park here to make sure there is more parking free by the race HQ.  Also this small car park is on the race route, so early finishers may struggle to get their cars out while other people are still running.

closest car park

Goldenstones car park is right by the café which serves as the race HQ and has 144 spaces, although some will be in use by users of Goldenstones swimming pool and gym.

As you enter the car park from the road the Race HQ is the building on your left on the other side of the car park from the Swimming Pool

The postcode for Goldenstones car park is BA20 1QZ

if that's full

The next closest car park is Brunswick street which is adjacent to Goldenstones car park and has a further 60 spaces.  Please note the nearby pub Coopers Mill is on the edge of this car park and also has it’s own car park which people not going to Coopers Mill should avoid as they may clamp.

To reach the race HQ cross the bridge into Goldenstones’ car park and turn left.

The postcode for Brunswick Street car park is also BA20 1QZ

A short walk away

The car park that serves the leisure complex that the Nuffield Gym is a part of is easy walking distance to the Race HQ.   The car park can be access off Old Station Way and is free after 6.  To get to the race HQ from the car park walk back towards the entrance and cross the road once the path on the other side is no longer blocked by a fence. Once on this path and cycle way follow it straight to the café and race HQ.  The path isn’t lit so please use your head torch 😉  It’s a former train line so is about as straight as it gets.  You’ll walk past flats on your right and then a garage and church before getting into the Ninesprings area of the country park.  Keep going straight till you reach the cafe.

The postcode for Old Station Way is BA20 1NP

A short walk away

Stars Lane car park is an approx 5 min walk from the race HQ and is large with 202 spaces and is unlikely to be full.  To get to the race HQ cross the road (summerhouse terrace) from the bottom of the car park.  Turn right and walk till you get to the end of a housing development and turn left on the path between it and a car showroom/garage.  At the end of this path turn right and follow the path and cycle path to the café and race HQ.  The path isn’t lit so please use your head torch

The postcode for Stars Lane is BA20 1NR



Recce Runs for this race will be announced once we have a date for the race. These are free but you do need to book a place & bring a head torch.  If bringing a head torch is a struggle let us know in advance and we’ll try and help. Shoes with a bit more grip than average may be a good idea but there’s only one area that may get seriously muddy.

The plan is to do one approximate lap of the course with some other bits thrown in dependent on the needs of who joins us. Probably looking at a minimum of 4 miles and we will make sure the groups regroup and/or double back. The idea is more to get comfortable running with a head light on trail on a social run.

Dogs are ok if you have public liability insurance to run with them (please message us to let us know) and so are children 13 and above if accompanied on the run by a responsible adult.

We hope you can join us


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