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Pre Race Runs

Want to see the area the races are in?

Gain confidence on trail or running at night?

Or maybe just enjoy a run with new people.

If there’s demand we plan to offer free runs around the race areas in the weeks leading up to the races at a variety of speeds.  Lead by our Race Director and/ or other experienced runners the runs will be in the same areas but not on the exact race routes and be between 3 and 5 miles in length.

These will be group runs, and for safety reasons places will be limited so a sign up will be required despite the runs being free.

Watch our facebook page for more information.

fact: Running makes you


seriously, the navigation and route finding improves your brain!

Hill Training

Training or more specifically speed training, to some it’s a bit of a dirty word.  Something for serious runners that people may not be sure they like or want to be like.  And once you can already run what ever distance you want comfortably why train more and that is valid.  Being able to run means you’ve worked hard and your fitness is already miles better than most of the population.

There’s a couple of reasons to consider it.

It’s one of the most social forms of running as if the session is well thought out it’s very easy for all abilities to come together and do the same session.  They tend to have plenty of recovery periods which is great for chatting while you get your breath back. This is especially true for hill sprint training.  Sprint up (at your pace) and walk up

It can help you improve, many runners would like to be a bit faster and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Hill training can also help make you stronger which in turn can help you stay injury free.

Variety, it’s another type of running activity and mixing up what you do can help keep things interesting.  The social side can also help when motivation is low as while you may not be quite in a running mood you do get to see friends and that is good!

Flying Fox Running


feedback from hill nights!

  • Really enjoyed the hills tonight! Thanks Nathan. I'll be back for more...!!

  • LOVED tonight's hill rep session. I might not have looked like I was enjoying it but it was great. Nathan Gardiner had us running up steps, running around ham hill then running up and down two big hills! Not sure my legs will like me much tomorrow but I feel great! Thanks Nathan and co. Especially for the encouragement whilst I was trying my hardest not to trip up the steps!!!!

Hill Training

If you fancy trying a hill session Nathan is a UK athletics qualified run coach and leads a hill training night for Yeovil Town RRC.  It’s open to all.  We take in a variety of locations to keep it interesting and it’s floats between Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6.30pm.  Get in touch through the contact page if you want to be informed where the next practice is watch the facebook page.  You’ll need to make the run leader aware of any medical conditions.

Track Nights

Yeovil Town RRC also has it’s own track night at Mudford Rec, it’s free to club members and only £1 to non members.  Check out the club’s page for more details.

The tracks great in many ways.  It’s very social, if you ever worry about an injury or the loo while you run you go by it every 400 metres.

photo albums

Hill Intervals & Training

Hill Intervals & Training

Photos from some of the hill interval nights and a Yeovil Town RRC track session led by Adrian Marriot. Thanks to Magda Kuśmierczyk for some of the images
Ham Hill Course (during the day)
The Meadowsimg_8916img_8915

Ham Hill Course (during the day)

Run from the Romans course at Ham Hill during the day
Ninesprings Course (daylight)

Ninesprings Course (daylight)

Images from course for Ninesprings by Night during the day, thanks to Magda Kuśmierczyk for some of the images

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