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Races Standards & What to expect – Flying Fox Running

What to Expect from a

Flying Fox Race

What to expect at a Flying Fox Running event?

Mud, hills, hysterical laughter. Okay I kid, those things don’t always apply, but not going to deny that they sometimes will occur – it is trail racing. But in all seriousness you can expect to have a fun new adventure and be well taken care of in your trail running experience.

Our Race standards.

We always aim to provide the best races we can to the best of our abilities. And we try really hard, I mean like really, really hard! This is our passion to provide you with something we love, and we want you to enjoy doing it. And especially love it when people get the chance to try something new, discover these great places and go on adventures – all things that we love.

Aid Stations

Always more important than you may think in a race. They are there for you to get your small top up of energy, fluids, or sweets and treats. Whether it aids you physically in helping provide your body with enough of a top up it needs to keep going. Or it’s a mental boost to help put a smile on your face. A good aid station can make the difference to your race. So grab and go or stay and chat a bit, it’s here for you.


We do some of the best medals in town, all designed by your Race Director and made to be linked with the area and the race to make your medal more meaningful. Nice size and great designs, because you deserve it, and we know when you finish a race you want and deserve to feel rewarded.


Although, if medals aren’t for you – that’s cool, we don’t judge. We do have a non medal option that offers a discount off of the price of your entry.

The people

The people. We are lucky in this line of work that 99.999999% of the people who attend these races are lovely people. From marshals to runners there are great people all around. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends, family and strangers help us out to support our runners. And to have such lovely runners join us. We have people of so many different backgrounds, lives, abilities, reasons to run, join to have one massive thing in common.

Flying Fox Running


First Aid

Great First aid is an essential part of races and can be the difference between life and death. That’s why we always bring in professionals and ensure that there is an appropriate space for any first aiding needs, there is always a way to get you off the course as quickly and safely as possible.

And in case that’s not enough we make sure to have our core team first aid trained, and for all those minor scrapes that you may get during the race we make sure that our marshals have plasters and bits in available in their marshal packs for you to use.

Course length

Of course these are trail races so it can be tricky to get distances spot on as it’s hard to map out how much tight turns, different speeds, tree coverage and ‘undulations’ may affect what the good old route planner and tracker
makes it out to be. So don’t be discouraged if your watch says differently. But we do make sure to do our due diligence, mapping out the routes in advance, walking them and running them, seeing what different results make it out to be. We always aim to make our races within 0.5 miles of the stated distance at most! So you be sure that you are safe on running a good distance with Flying Fox Running.

The atmosphere

We try our best to provide a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to our runners and helpers. We want you to enjoy it, whether you are trying something new, have masses of experience, going for a PB, or going for a jolly. For an idea of the atmosphere we go for check out some of our signage.

So why not

Join Us!

Feedback from Races!

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    James L. Baker
    James L. Baker Mountaineer
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    Brian T. Graves
    Brian T. Graves Mountaineer
  • Nulla porttitor accumsan tincidunt vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui curabitur arcu erat, accumsan id imperdiet et porttitor at sem vestib ulum ante.

    Sarah B. Wall
    Sarah B. Wall Mountaineer
  • Really enjoyed the hills tonight! Thanks Nathan. I'll be back for more...!!

  • LOVED tonight's hill rep session. I might not have looked like I was enjoying it but it was great. Nathan Gardiner had us running up steps, running around ham hill then running up and down two big hills! Not sure my legs will like me much tomorrow but I feel great! Thanks Nathan and co. Especially for the encouragement whilst I was trying my hardest not to trip up the steps!!!!

  • Did both of these races last year and both were excellent. Nathan worked hard to make these events special and I’m certain he’ll do an equally grand job with this year’s races. You will not be disappointed if you give any of these races a go. Running at night using a head torch is a unique experience and one which I am more than keen to try again.

    Darren Lee O'Donnell
  • Did the run from the romans race last night and I was very impressed with the marshals and the on course directions. The medal is also pretty impressive. The only thing I would say is that after such a cold run perhaps a free hot drink wouldn't go a miss.

    Andy Fraser
  • Really great run at Ham Hill last night, highly recommend any of Flying Fox runs for the future. Great course markings, well placed marshalls and a medal that’s up there with the best of them.

    Jamie Dent
  • Did the Run from the Romans last night and loved it! Very well organised , great route and marshalls , awesome medal with the bonus of a pub at the end! Looking forward to what the flying fox does next!

    Rach Heywood
  • Fantastic race - my first night/trail race in one! The marshalls were brilliant, the course challenging yet still fun. The medal is stunning! Can't wait for the next event

    Ben Brook

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