Ham Hill Summer Races – Date Change Info

Important information

If you’ve signed up for one of the races already you hopefully have received an email from us this evening.

Unfortunately, and with much deliberation, we’ve had to take the decision to postpone this event. What at one point seemed a great date for a race is now seeming a lot less appealing. Since the Champions League Final became an all British affair, we’ve had a massive drop in daily entries and on some days, entries have been matched by deferral requests.
Furthermore, we’ve already been struggling since Run Fest Run have started offering free places for EA members, so what was a quite costly running/ music festival experience at £140 time is now free to English Athletics clubs who want to enter teams in a team race. We know lots of people are now going as it’s only in Wiltshire and as well as the races and music festival events there’s a chance to hear talks by running heroes like Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe. We’ve already had apologies from some of our regular marshals who were down to help but are now off to Run Fest Run.

The decision to postpone is mainly on safety and compliance grounds, as to crew this race in the manner we want needs about 30 people per race (we do pair up marshals most of the time as we don’t think it’s fair to send people out solo especially on a longer race like the half marathon). We must marshal any entrance to a field with livestock in marshalled as a condition of using Ham Hill. Plus, any other dangerous or complicate areas of the course. We also would not be able to deliver the experience we strive for at all our events.

Fortunately, we’ve managed to quickly find a new date of the 20th July, which has been kindly agreed by the Rangers at Ham Hill. So can offer numerous choices to those who have already signed up.
The choices are:

1. Moved to the new date [20th July] – this will happen automatically but please let us know if this is acceptable. We will contact everyone already entered to ensure aware and happy with the outcome.
2. Full refund with our apologies. We really regret having to do this and mess people about!
3. Guided run on the actual race course with medal and partial refund, on the original date (1st June). We can’t put on the race, but we can still run the course and we will have the medals. We will provide our usual aid station. The cost will be £9 so anything above this will be refunded. Actual start times to be confirmed. For everyone taking part we will still make it a great running experience, that is social and fun like all our recce runs.
4. Virtual option, also £9 with the remainder refunded. If you want to run Ham Hill in your own time we can post you the medal once you’ve completed the distance around Ham Hill (don’t worry about following the course if you don’t want to).

We hope these our options offer something which appeals to everyone. Feel free to contact us as we’re trying hard not to let anyone down. Our recce runs are good fun and an enjoyable and social.

We hope you’ll join us at the new date, or another option appeals to you, and apologise for the inconvenience caused by the alterations.
If you contact us please be patient as we could have a lot of correspondence in the next few days. Also I’ll be updating all the websites, listings, etc as soon as I can!

Thank you,


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  • peter parfitt

    hi can still signup for the 10k on saturday an how much does it cost.

  • peter parfitt

    ham hill race

    • flyingfoxrunning

      Hi Peter, sorry hadn’t realised we had a real comment on here! It’s a rare event.

      It was £9 and people did turn up on the day. We will be doing recce runs which will be similar but without sweets and medals but if you were planning to race in June and can’t join us in July we could probably work something out!

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